Is Spray Foam Insulation Worth the Money?

If you’re planning on remaking your house to make it more suited to the weather and considering getting insulation then you can check out spray foam, but let me tell you it’s not the cheapest one in the market. That is right, there are other options for insulation such as fiberglass and cellulose. These options are much cheaper for about 2 or 3 times compared to spray foam but why is it worth it to invest in spray foam insulation? 

You will want the best for your home and always remember that being thrifty or cheap doesn’t always bring you quality results. So, in order for you to properly assess if the spray foam insulation is really worth it, we have prepared this article with the advantages of spray foam and why is it worthy of its cost. Here are some of the examples why you should consider getting spray foam despite the cost of it: 


Long term investment 

Getting spray foam insulation is one of the best options for long-term insulations. This will cut costs on your energy bills and you will no longer need the use of artificial air conditioners or humidifiers in case your house will be too warm or too cool because the insulation around your house takes care of that for you.  


Poor insulation can cause you damages 

Yes, that is right! Poor insulation can cause damages to your home, how? There are scenarios wherein the wall is not tightly sealed and there can be water leakage which will then lead to mold growth, which will then attract moisture or even pests that can harm the material which will then lead to physical damage. Yes, it’s a consecutive series of events that can happen if you choose the cheaper option for your insulation. It’s better to go for something that is slightly expensive but can give you quality protection than the other way around and would not even last for that long.  


Cost Effectivity and savings on energy bills 

Spray insulations as mentioned earlier is the best way to effectively insulate your home. With this the use of other equipment to create artificial atmosphere or insulation is no longer necessary. With this, you will save up on your energy costs as well since there is no longer a need for you to turn on this other extra equipment for insulation.  

Let’s not forget that fiberglass and cellulose are also good options for insulation but for some it doesn’t entirely effectively do its job as well as the spray foam insulation does.  


There is only one factor in which you can choose another insulation type for your home and that is because it’s the cheaper option but since you can’t put a price on something like comfort of your atmosphere then it’s best to invest on it greatly for great results as well. Should you consider getting a spray foam insulation Jackson MS, you should consider contacting your local spray foam contractor for an estimate on your home. These people can also give you more ideas on the benefits of getting a spray foam for your home, you can also visit their website for more ideas about their products and services.  

Everything You Need to Know About Insulation

There are a variety of things you need to know about insulation, but first what is it? Insulation is the thing that keeps the house more comfortable to live in and more energy efficient. It keeps the heat from getting in and it keeps the cold from seeping in as well. So, basically what it does is regulating the temperature inside your home. But since there will always be an end, not insulations last that long.  

The typical life span of insulation usually depends on what type of insulation you have. In this article we will be talking about the types of insulation used at home, what affects it to make it live shorter and its actual lifespan. Here are some of the examples of insulations: 


This is one of the most well-known types of insulation and it’s also well known for its price since it doesn’t cost as much as other insulation types. You can easily install it anywhere like the ceilings, walls and even floors. This material is very durable and you’re assured that this material is both safe and effective when it comes to protection and safety from the weather.   

Spray foam 

This one is a bit more of an investment as compared to fiberglass but this type of insulation is more efficient in taking care of air leaks and preventing water leaks as well. Spray foam insulation San Antonio also discourages the idea of mold growth and one of the best choices for instant installation. This is the most common insulation choice in the market and it’s incredibly popular nowadays in the market. Since there are fewer possible leaks in this type of insulation, there will be lesser maintenance.  


This type of insulation is done by using paper that is recycled. It is also the type of insulation that is one of the leading options for a green and more earthfriendly type of insulation since this is inserted in closed areas and filling in gaps. This type of insulation is fire resistant and it can be done quicker than other types of installation. This type of insulation as well doesn’t require a lot of maintenance that is why it’s also a great option. 

There are a lot of factors that can affect the insulation’s lifespan and one of those is the weather and humidity of the area. The insulation can be damaged by water leaks and you should also check for mold growth and other factors that may affect the areas wherein your insulation is positioned. If there are spots where in the area is not filled then there may be a possibility that the area can be more prone to damage than other areas as well. San Antonio Spray Foam Professionals is the premier insulation company in the San Antonio, Texas area. So, whether you are getting insulation for fiberglass, spray foam or cellulose it’s best to check first what kind of insulation is best suited for your home.